Interactive Attraction for Malls

2017 X Reality Hackathon Winner
In September 2017 we won the X Reality Hackathon held by Sensorama Lab in Kyiv, Ukraine. During 48 hours we've developed a MVP of VR escape room. Watch a video here.

It was the initial start of a Cubus VR project.
What we Do
We are working on creation an immersive interactive experience inside of an empty room.

Though we are still testing different hypothesis, we strongly believe that a perfect user experience should be multiplayer and wireless.

We are aware of expensive existing systems based on motion capture technology and strive to offer much more affordable solution.
Watch our demo
Projectors, position tracking and 3D sound are used
Awards ceremony at MBC'2018
In May 2018 we won the Startup Battle at Mobile Beach Conference in Odessa, Ukraine. 15 investors and XR industry experts chose Cubus VR among other 10 startups. In November 2018 we will present Cubus VR at Web Summit is Lisbon, Portugal.
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